Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Tuesday

Just another day on the mountain.

I don't think it got about 25 degrees today. That is not helpful when we're trying to get rid of all this snow.

Also, my car definitely won't start. The battery is dead as a doornail. Andy went out last night to try it and then when we came out this morning to leave the driver's side door was wide open. Apparently the cold froze the latch and we had to wait for the sun to warm the door up before it would close. That was awesome. I guess it really isn't a big deal unless some small rodent decided my car was warmer and more comfortable than whatever tree it was living in. That would be bad, very, very, bad.

People come skiing because of all the great snow we have and then they come in the shop and complain about how cold it is. All I can do is show them our thermal underwear and make suggestions. Clearly they want me to pull out my magic wand and raise the temperature ten or fifteen degrees. Soon I'm just going to start suggesting that they don't go. It's a freaking outdoor sport. One that can only be enjoyed in the winter time. Suck it up and deal with the cold or find something else to occupy the time.

On a brighter note; my sister-in-law went into labor today with her and my brother's fourth child. She's probably going to deliver in the next couple of hours. A new baby is always exciting. Hopefully I'll have a functioning vehicle so I can go down this weekend and meet my new niece. I'll let you know when she's here.

I think I'll go sit on the couch with a warm beverage and a blanket and watch all the stupid people out on the ski slope freezing their butts off. Have a great night!