Sunday, March 8, 2009


Our apartment has somewhat of an open floor plan. The living, dining and kitchen are basically all the same room and there is a doorway that connects that part with the rest of the apartment.

We usually corral the bunnies into the main room; not letting them into the bedroom and bathroom part of the apartment.

Every now and then I'll let them explore in the other rooms and when I do they get very excited, and then very upset when they find themselves, once again, shut out.

This past week I've been letting them into our bedroom so they can hang out with me while I read and do other things. They don't like to be alone and I haven't been spending a lot of time watching TV lately. And honestly I like to be with them as much as they like to be with me.

This morning though, I had the bunny gate up blocking the entry way. Basically the bunny gate is a cheap-o baby gate that I bought a year ago when we moved here. It has served it's purpose well; thought it's made primarily of thin plastic and the bunnies have certainly tried hard to chew their way through.

Andy and I knew eventually they would succeed and we would have to replace the gate or deal with them in the other rooms.

This morning Milton finally did it. I was using the computer and for about twenty minutes I heard him at the gate chewing, and digging and shaking it, like always. I just figured he'd give up and move on to something else eventually, like he usually does. But Milton is nothing if not persistent and all of a sudden I heard silence. Then I heard a little clicking sound on linoleum. We only have linoleum flooring in one place in the apartment. That's in the hall way on the non-bunny side of the bunny gate.

He did it, and boy was he proud of himself. I turned around and looked at my little gray cuss and if he could grin he would have been showing all his teeth. He made sure that I saw him and then he turned and scooted into our bedroom which is his favorite place to be.

I spent the next few minutes trying to coax him out. I guess we're in the market for a new gate now.