Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm still hot, apparently

I don't have long. Julie is here and she's leaving tomorrow so I want to maximize my time.

I just had to tell you about our experience getting dinner tonight.

Julie decided that Little Caesar's Pizza sounded good, so we went to town to get some. But that really doesn't have anything to do with my story.

On our way we inadvertently ended up in the cruise line. Do you know what a cruise line is? If you don't then bless your heart and just know you're better off being in the dark.

Anyway, some guy honked at us and about the time Julie was expressing her outrage that he honked at us I saw a lot of other young'uns in the parking lot. Dressed up for what appeared to be no reason.

That's when I figured it out. We'd beeen singled out by horn honking guy as a couple of young fillies scouting out the local hot guys. He wanted us to pull over or roll our window down and talk to him.

We didn't. We let him live his fantasy.

Who are we to crush his dreams by showing him our wedding rings and Julie's expanding baby belly?