Monday, March 2, 2009

After the storm

There is only one word to describe how I'm feeling right now: exhausted.

We had one hell of a snow storm last night. 12-15+ inches across the region. I know compared to some places that's small potatoes, but we haven't had a good snow like this in at least five years. It's the kind of snow that we pray for each winter and it finally came. I love snow so I'm ecstatic and I woke up in a really good mood this morning. Even though I couldn't get in my car to find out if it would start. The door handle was a block of ice and Andy had to come back and get me to take me to work. He could have opened my door, but I was already so late it would have taken too much time to clean off the Jeep, and then if we'd gone to the trouble it probably wouldn't have started anyway. That's life.

So, work today was a zoo. There were just two of us because the season should be winding down. We shouldn't be busy. We shouldn't have gotten over a foot of snow last night. But we did. And work has been hosting a demo these last couple of days so there were all kinds of new people for me to meet and greet. Lots of new faces to put with names and voices I've heard on the phone. Lot's of questions like, "Did you get out on the mountain at the demo today?" and my reply of, "Nope, I don't ski." followed by a blank stare and the inevitable, "But you work in a ski shop."

Yes, that's right and I don't sell equipment. I sell clothing. I can still do that and keep my feet firmly planted at the bottom of the mountain in my 700 down fill snow boots thankyouverymuch!

We were so busy in fact that I didn't get a break today. I just worked straight through. When my relief came I wanted to give her a kiss, but I didn't because that would have been weired. I did however tell her she was the most beautiful person in the world and carry my happy ass to the car as fast as I could get Andy into it to take me home.

So now I plan on takin' it easy. I looked myself over when I got home and even my hair looks tired. It's all flat and not shiny anymore.

Thank goodness I only have to work half a day tomorrow.