Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And so it begins

Last summer Wendy's re-vamped their frozen treat menu. Not only did they have frosties, but they also had two flavors, and mix-ins, and milkshakes and frosty floats.

For about two months Andy and I were regular visitors to the late night drive through window because what's better than ice cream right before bed? Especially in an apartment with no air conditioning.

Last week Andy's cravings came back. It's a little early as the temperature during the day hasn't risen above 75 and at night it's sill in the 30's sometimes.

Currently he is out getting his second frosty float in two weeks. As the temperature rises the trips will only become more frequent.

This is not good.

I decided to forgo the trip this time. Not because I have self control. Oh no, think about who you're talking to here. I don't even know what self control means. No, I opted out of a frosty because I decided last night to make a peanut butter pie and spent the day consuming half of it all by myself.

As I have another half for tomorrow I decided that a frosty was probably overkill.

But next week is my birthday week and all bets are off. If I want a frosty I'm going to have one. Even if I ate a whole pie already that day.