Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratitude, Day 25

Do you have a redbox at your local grocery store? We do. We kind of live far away from civilization so we just got a redbox a couple of months ago.

It's fantastic though. We have digital cable, but OnDemand isn't available where we are (I told you we lived far out), so renting from the TV is not an option. The closest Blockbuster is 20 minutes one way, plus the $5 to rent, plus the gas to drive back to return it. You can imagine that we didn't rent a lot of movies 'round these parts.

But since we got redbox? I could rent a movie every night if Andy would let me. I can drive a couple of minutes and just pay a buck. I love it. How could they have let us live without this for so long? I'm going out later, so I think I'll swing by and see if there are any new movies in my favorite vending machine.