Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowstorm 2009

This afternoon when I measured the snow outside our door it was about 16 inches. I know several people who have 18 or more. The snow is really beautiful, but when it comes in such great quantities it can be kind of bothersome.

We're supposed to get more snow throughout the night and most of the day tomorrow. It won't be as significant, but another 4 inches on top of what we already have is a whole lot of snow.

Here are some photos and videos I took yesterday and today.

Video from "rush hour"

Our friends Robert and Allison spent the night with us. They were thinking about it in the afternoon, but when the main road was closed that pretty much sealed the deal. This is Robert's car right after they pulled up.

Andy got home shortly after 11. The Hulk has a lift and 33 inch tires.

Kind of grumpy after a long day at work. Also, Allison, Robert and I were watching Christmas movies and Andy doesn't really like Christmas movies.

Love my snowman flag. It's kind of perfect right now!

I decided I wanted to go walk around since I hadn't been out yet. So of course it made perfect sense to throw on my snow boots with my pajama bottoms.

I tried to take a picture of a snow covered tree, but the falling snow kind of got in the way.

Align CenterNo feet!
My footprints away from and back to the door. I didn't go far - it was cold!

Andy had to dig himself a hole so he could get into the storage room. He needed some more snow gear.

The temperature this morning around 8:30 am. It has stayed pretty steady all day. I think it's supposed to hover around this for the next three days or so.

People in the parking lot next door came early to dig themselves out before the snow started again.

This is the side yard. I took this and the photo above from a window.

After a big waffle breakfast it was time to dig the cars out.

The heat from the cars the night before melted some of the snow and then it refroze. Robert and Andy had a heck of a time getting the cars out this morning. First they got the Hulk out. Then they dug out Robert's car, but it just slipped around so Andy had to offer his assistance.

Explaining the process and plan:

Putting the plan into action:

Allison and I played with the camera while the men did all the hard labor. Actually I think Allison did some shoveling too, but I was inside and didn't come out until they'd gotten all the difficult stuff done. Good timing!

If you got snow, I hope you're enjoying it like we are. If you didn't, I hope you're enjoying your freedom.


On a different note:

Andy and I received some very sad news this afternoon.

A close friend of ours passed away in his sleep last night. We are close with his whole family and our hearts are breaking for them. He was only 23 and right now it looks like he aspirated in his sleep. He was visiting home for the holiday season and his parents found him this morning.

Things like this never come at a good time, but something about losing a loved one during this time of year seems to make it extra hard.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they try to cope with this sudden, terrible loss.