Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haircut hangup

Let me begin by saying that I haven't set foot in a salon since May. I know!

Usually six months is my max for going without at least a trim, but a hair cut just hasn't been in our budget. At least, not the kind of hair cut I want. Going to one of those super cuts places is not an option for me. I just won't do it.

The trouble is that whenever I make an appointment this time of year I usually make a drastic change. My hair is really long right now. Longer than it has been in nearly ten years. Given the dry weather and the static that plagues me daily I would like nothing more than to chop off my tresses a la dooce. I mean, how awesome is her haircut? And that baby? Well, we aren't talking about babies - we're talking about hair.

Anyway, I've had a pixie cut before and loved it! But a pixie cut requires a trip to the salon every six weeks or so. Let's remember the budgetary constraints here.

I've decided just to get myself a good trim. Some extra layers to give my hair movement. Also, I've grown very fond of having some form of bang in the last couple of years. Since my last cut my bangs have completely grown out and I hate it. So the major decision here is what kind of bangs to get.

Heavy and blunt:

Or light and wispy:

I had planned on taking a picture of myself today so that you could see exactly what my mop looks like, but then remembered that my camera battery is dead and the charger is being held captive in The Hulk with Andy.

So, this will have to do:

This photo was taken almost two months ago, so my hair was still somewhat reasonable. Imagine it kind of stringy and messy all over.

In case it matters; my hair is fine, but with medium thickness. Thin enough for a big pony tail holder wrapped around three times, but too thick for a skinny one, those just won't hold my hair. It also has a fair amount of natural curl that is easily beaten into submission.

So which face framing fringe should I ask for? What do you think?

Also, keep in mind that I am wildly spontaneous when it comes to my hair and the more I look at that photo of dooce the more I want to chop off all my hair. It is very likely I will ignore all advice and my own judgment and come home missing about a foot of hair.

Update! I added a poll in the side bar for all you non-commenters.

*Photos from Hair Thursday.