Friday, December 18, 2009

Photogenic Friday: What was I thinking?

The ski shop rents a lot of ski bibs and jackets through the season. Usually they take the laundry to the local laundry mat, but have decided that isn't economically sound anymore, and have been trying to figure out a better way to get the laundry done.

It's coming down to crunch time. The slope has been open since Thanksgiving weekend and they haven't had the laundry done yet. It hasn't been terribly busy, but with the snow forecast this weekend they're about to shift into high gear.

So I agreed to do the laundry. It's not like I have anything better to do all day. It will save the shop money and they pay Andy's salary. So helping them save money means that they can keep paying Andy and that's a good thing. Also, they are paying me to do it which gives us a little more dough.

Sounds like a good idea all around, right?

I thought so. Until Andy brought me the last month's worth of laundry today.

If you can't tell there are six giant trash bags full of dirty ski clothes. S-I-X!

I was slightly unprepared for the magnitude of laundry that needed to be done.

But then I reminded myself that it hadn't been done in nearly a month and usually they launder every week. So it won't always be this bad.

And since this is what it looks like outside:

I'm not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. I've got nothing but time.

My weekend plans include: Laundry, reading, laundry, playing with bunnies, laundry, watching Christmas movies... oh, and did I mention laundry?

I lead such a glamorous life.

Have a happy and safe snow filled weekend!