Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday (or rather two days ago as it is after midnight) one of my very most favorite people celebrated a birthday. I celebrated with her, I've just been delayed in posting about it.

I'm talking about my mother; the woman who gave me life. I could write for days and days about how much I love her and how wonderful a mother and friend she is. I won't, at least not right now.

I'm just going to leave you with a few pictures I have of her. I won't tell you how old she is because it isn't polite and I think she'd kill me. I will tell you that it was a milestone birthday, but I won't dare you to guess it because I don't think you can, she looks much younger than her age. Everyone says so.

Back in the day
My step dad says she looks like Captain Hook
With my Grandmother
This picture looks the most like me of any I have
I don't really look like my momFamily photoI'm not sure why she isn't looking at the camera
Clearly I wanted to make a good impression
With the oldest grandchildAt my college graduationWith her mother and siblingsWith my brother at my weddingMotherly advice
Actually, I think I was telling her I felt like I
was going to throw up.
With my grandmother
The Blue Ridge in the background
Up, Up and Away!!!Christmas, two years agoLast summerLast summer at my step dad's birthday celebrationThanksgiving '08.
I always look sleepy when I do a self portrait

Happy Birthday Momma!