Friday, November 20, 2009

Why I love Karma

Photogenic Friday is canceled this week. Partly because I don't really have a good picture for it and also because the following story was too good not to share.

Andy has an irrational fear of the litter boxes the bunnies use. Gutting a deer? No problem. Bunny poop? Mortal fear.

I mean, they are kind of yucky, but they are a necessary evil. When he empties them (like twice a year) he pulls his shirt over his nose, turns his head in the opposite direction and makes gagging noises. Sometimes I make him do it just so I can laugh at him and then tell him how much new born babies like to poop.

What? I'm just preparing him for the future.

So anyway, today Andy took a half day off of work to go do manly things in the woods. He came home to eat first and get some things he needed. He was being really sassy. We spent a good amount of time bantering with one another back and forth. We like to give each other a hard time, but today the sass was heavy.

He was kind of getting on my nerves.

All his things were gathered and then he remembered that he'd forgotten his camouflage hat. He took it off the hook on the door and put it on the table.

Now, there are many things that I do that Andy doesn't like. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but we aren't talking about me. We're talking about him, and I hate it when he puts his hats on the table. They never get washed and he wears them until they either a) fall apart or b) have a visible layer of slime on the inside.

I expressed my distaste about the hat on the table.

I'm sure he had some kind of earth shattering sassy response for me, but he was stopped short. He took off the hat that he was wearing in order to shake it at me, but had forgotten that his sunglasses were on his hat. They flew off his hat, across the room and landed directly into the litter box.


I told him he got what he deserved and he told me I was going to wash his glasses.

Oh no I wasn't!

Really I was. I had no problem washing his glasses. I just wanted to see him squirm.

He said he couldn't wash them because they were "covered in fecal matter dust."

I'm still laughing and it's been an hour.

Finally I caved, but not before I told him it was a real shame he wouldn't be able to use his glasses again because they were nice and kind of expensive.

I let him take his death march over to the sink before I intervened.


Happy weekend!