Sunday, October 11, 2009

Summing up the weekend

  • Went to my inlaw's house to cook and help get ready for a scrapbook crop
  • Saw my mom and mamaw
  • Made pumpkin whoopee pies
  • Made baked potatoes rolled in olive oil and kosher salt
  • Greeted all the crop ladies
  • Began making shower invitations
  • Eat pumpkin whoopee pies. Yum!
  • Say good night
  • Drive home
  • Wake up at the crack of dawn to Andy's alarm clock.
  • He goes hunting
  • Go back to sleep
  • Wake up
  • Walk in the living room
  • Greet the bunnies
  • See the snake in the floor
  • Holy Shit there's a snake in the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jump on the sofa
  • Panic
  • Gather myself
  • It's clearly a baby, but I still don't want to lose sight of it
  • Realize I can't watch it all day until Andy decides to come home
  • Run out the door quickly and get the neighbor
  • She laughs at me, but saves the day and gets rid of the snake
  • Continue freaking out and call lot's of people to tell them about the snake
  • Begin watching "Glee" online
  • Andy comes home then leaves again to go to the dump
  • I'm still watching "Glee"
  • Andy comes home and watches two episodes of "Glee" with me
  • Take a nice long nap
  • Go to the grocery store to get frozen pizza
  • Eat pizza, cooked of course, and watch the 10 year anniversary episode of Good Eats
  • Go to bed
  • Wake up
  • Walk in the living room
  • There isn't a snake in the floor today
  • Thank goodness
  • Shower and get ready to go out
  • Go with Andy to Oktober fest
  • Eat German food and attempt to hike up the ski slope
  • Abort hiking attempt
  • Go on children's hayride with Jessie and Thomas
  • Come back home
  • Start making travel snacks for Andy
  • Bake brownies
  • Bake sausage balls
  • Bake blueberry muffins
  • Do several loads of laundry
  • Help Andy get all his things together
  • Continue helping Andy
Tomorrow my sweet, lovely husband is leaving me to drive across the country and he isn't coming back for a while.

I'm glad he has this opportunity because it's a free trip and not only has he worked hard this summer, but he spent his springtime taking care of me. He didn't go fishing once. That is a big deal.

He deserves this, but I'm going to miss him. Pray for his safe travel. And that I don't cry too much when he leaves in the morning. It might be slightly embarrassing if he's trying to leave and I'm clinging to his leg.