Thursday, July 17, 2008

Week 3, Day 2 C25K

Our internet is down at home so I didn't get to post this last night. It's been on the fritz for a few days and it looks like we are going to have to call the cable company. I'll have to wait on them to show up in a four hour window, and when they finally decide to grace me with their presence they'll take about two seconds to hook up their little machine to tell me that some cord or another went bad. Then they'll give me this look that says, "You mean I had to drive all the way out here to replace a cord? Why couldn't you figure that out for yourself?" Or he'll fancy himself my knight in shinning armor and give a different look that says, "There you go little lady I fixed your problem for you. How about a hug and kiss?" Either way, I'll shoot him a look back that says, "This is why we pay your company the big bucks. So just replace the cord and go away." Can you tell that I am so looking forward to a visit from the cable repair man?

But I digress. My intent was to discuss my C25K progress to date. I went for my workout last night all alone. Andy came home and declared that he was just to tired to go workout and he needed to rest a night before 4 days of golf. Then I declared that if I was going alone there had better be dinner waiting for me when I got home. We decided that he would go get a rotisserie chicken from the grocery and make a nice big salad. So off I went.

At first I thought I would have a change of pace and go somewhere else. We have been using the track at the college because Andy has bad knees and the rubber coated surface is easier on him. I drove to the park and was greeted by a slew of cars. There was a birthday party happening at 7:00 at night and there were about 20 kids running around. Now in a large park that would not be an issue. But our park is mini sized. It usually fits our one stop light town quite well. But 20 kids makes for a crowded park and not a good workout as I would have spent more time dodging them than actually exercising.

I turned around and went back to the track. It was empty and so I started my workout. I actually feel much better than I have been. It seemed like I was going at a faster and more consistent pace. I like week 3 much better than week 2. Stopping and going so often about killed me. Running for longer amounts of time is much better and it gives me hope that I will in fact be able to run non stop for 30 minutes by the end of this. My knees are almost completely healed. Horray for good shoes! My left one just gives me a little trouble now and my right doesn't hurt at all. My right ankle, on the other hand, is starting to cause some problems. My old injury from two years ago is rearing it's ugly head. Not to the point that I can't jog, but I definitely notice the pain. I decided that I need to get an ankle brace to help support it until it builds up strength to support itself.

I finished my workout and drove home only to find an empty apartment and a missing husband. When I looked at my cell phone I saw that Andy had been trying to reach me for quite a while. He had been to three different grocery stores to find a rotisserie chicken, to no avail. I felt bad that he had done that. I didn't mean for him to go on a wild goose (or chicken) hunt. So, since I needed an ankle brace I just went to meet him for dinner in town and then went to get my brace. Hopefully it will help. We'll see what happens tomorrow.