Sunday, July 20, 2008

My man is coming home today!!

Woohoo!! It's been a long 3 1/2 days without Andy. I've done a lot to entertain myself, but life just isn't the same when he's gone. I've been watching a lot of movies to help distract me. I rented "Penelope" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" on Thursday. "Penelope" was very cute. It's not Oscar worthy, but it's a good story and has a good message. Two thumbs up! "Pirates" was just ok. I was very disappointed in the ending, and I thought it was just way too long. It's 10 minutes short of 3 hours and I got tired of watching it. That was kind of upsetting because I really enjoyed the first two.

Yesterday I went to see "Mamma Mia" by myself. I like going to movies alone sometimes. I really enjoyed "Mamma Mia". I don't often like musicals made into movies because I feel like the music doesn't fit. I get tired of them singing and wish they would just get on with the story. But this one wasn't like that at all. I thought they did a really good job of making the music part of the story rather than just plopping some songs in there and calling it a musical. Anyway, I recommend it as a girl's movie. Guys aren't going to get into this one too much.

I got up this morning and did Week 4, Day 1 of C25K. I alternated 3 minutes and 5 minutes of running with walking. It went pretty well. I meant to get up early and go before the heat set in, and I even set my alarm, but I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed at 7. So I ended up at the track about 20 after 9. I usually don't go when the sun is shining directly on the track and I know that slowed me down a little. And I haven't run 5 minutes non-stop yet, so that was a struggle. But I made it through and I feel good. Mornings are busy though. There were a lot of people there and I prefer a less busy track while I'm jogging/walking. I'm going to try some different times in the morning and see what is the least active time. I'm not sure if Andy is going to join me anymore. He really misses cycling and hasn't been since we started this. Today marks the 3rd day that I've gone alone and I don't mind it now. I did when I first started the program, but I think I'll be fine. I enjoy going alone now that I'm a little more conditioned. And my ipod should be here in the next couple of days so I'll have that to keep me company too!! I can't wait!!!