Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's raining. It's Pouring.

I wish I were snoring!

Rainy days like this make me sleepy. Who doesn't get sleepy when it's so gloomy outside? It makes you want to spend the whole day in bed with a good book and a nice soft blanket. Days like this are very good for taking naps.

I love to take naps. Sleep is very important to me. I think the recommended amount of sleep for adults is something like 5-6 hours. They say that a child needs the most sleep to function and adults need the least amount. Well, I don't know who these scientists are or who they are performing their sleep analysis tests on, but they have never met me or anyone like me.

I need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period if you don't want me to be a raging cranky pants. I prefer my sleep to come in one long string of 7-8 hours while it's dark out. But that doesn't always happen, so I have to get it other times. That's where my naps come in. Naps carried me through college. I took naps on a regular basis. I even planned them out. I'd write them in my planner. 8 o'clock class, 9 o'clock class, study break, 12 o'clock lunch, 1 o'clock nap, 2 o'clock class.

I also do not like to be awakened from my nap. If you do, you'd better watch out! I am a morning person and enjoy getting up early, but wake me up from an afternoon nap before I'm good and ready and I will beat you down! Or I just won't respond at all.

Once, my first year of college, I was taking a well earned nap before dinner. I had closed my curtains and crawled under my covers and fallen fast asleep. The dining hall opened at 5 o'clock every night, and Andy was always one of the first in line. If you know men, you know that you shouldn't mess with their eating schedule. Otherwise, food consumes their thoughts and they are unable to function as human beings until they are allowed to eat.

I don't remember what had been happening during this particular day, but apparently it had been very taxing because I was out. So out, that when Andy called me to go to dinner and I answered the phone I didn't know who he was. I didn't know where I was, much less who was on the other end of the phone. This is how it went:

RingRing, RingRing, RingRing

I pick it up

Me: Hello?

Andy: Hey! Are you ready to go to dinner?

Me: (trying to figure out what dinner is) Ok.

Andy: OK, well I'll meet you downstairs.

Long pause

Me: (still very confused) Who is this?

Andy: It's Andy!

Long pause

Me: Who?

Andy: Your boyfriend! Andy!?!

Long pause
And then it all came rushing back

Me: Oh! Is it time for dinner? OK. I'll be down in a minute.

At this point we had been dating about two and a half years and the fact that I couldn't remember him was quite a kick to the ego. Once we both got jobs as RD's and had keys that allowed us to get into each other's apartments he would just come in and wake me up with a kiss on the head. Smart move honey, smart move.