Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm being courted...

by my bunny?

So for a long time now Brunswik has done this cute little thing where he runs in circles around my feet. He also follows me when I walk around the apartment. He sometimes does it to Andy, but not as much as me. I think it's because I spend a lot of time with him. I get down on his level a lot more than Andy does and play with him.

He has also taken to licking us, or giving us "kisses" on our noses. He licks our whole face, but he really likes to lick our noses. Sometimes he nips, but I think most of the time his teeth just get in the way because they are so big.

Tonight we got out the "bunny bible" (the book I got when we first brought him home) and looked in there to interpret his various behaviors. Here are some of his behaviors and definitions.

Tongue kisses - showing affection by grooming you
Thumping hind legs - scared; angry
Scattered droppings - marking territory (he really should be done marking his territory at this point)
Nudging - pet me; feed me
Lying on ground, legs sprawled behind - very relaxed
Happy bunny dance - kicking up heels, jumping, twisting in mid air, racing around, leaping on and off furniture
Circling feet - courtship; sexual behavior

So now whenever Brunsie runs around me Andy makes some remark about how he wants to hump me. I seriously doubt it. He's not a dog. He just loves him momma and Andy is jealous.