Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A baby and a bride

Wow, what an exciting weekend!

Tuesday, June 3rd, Jenn had her baby. Michael Coleman came into the world that night. He weighed 5lbs 13 ozs and was 19" long. Of course I had to go see the little peanut. It worked out perfectly because Saturday I went to pick Shannon up from the airport for Whitney's wedding this weekend and we stopped in on the new family.

Cole is such a little cutie. And man is he ever little. He's so tiny he almost doesn't look real and then all of a sudden he moves his head. It's so cute. And his cry sounds like a little cat. It's so tiny. I'm sure Jenn and Jeff don't think so, it's probably pretty loud to them. Jenn's sister Laurie came by also with her girls, Jordan and Peyton. They are growing up so fast and they are so much fun!

We had planned to only stay an hour or two so we didn't tire them out too bad. But we didn't get out of there for about 5 hours. Wow. It was so great to see everyone though. It's crazy that Jenn and Jeff are parents, but I can already tell that they are going to make great ones.

Cole was snuggling with his daddy when we got there
Cole and Mommy
Looks like he's a snugglerTiny baby feet
Jordan wanted her picture taken,
but she wouldn't sit still so she's fuzzy.

Peyton is fuzzy too It's good to be together again.
Even if it's just for a few hours

This is what Cole was doing when we left
Sunday we spent the morning lounging and eating Bojangles (you're welcome Shannon) and then we started getting ready for the wedding. Shannon and I were guest registrars. We did the guest book and programs at the ceremony. And then at the reception they had a special picture guest book. So we manned that one too. We had to take the guests pictures and have them leave well wishes in the guest book. I'm not sure that everyone understood what was going on, but we got the job done. Some of the elderly guests thought we worked there. One lady asked me where our restrooms were located and an elderly couple told Shannon that they didn't have any money for her to take their picture. She had a hard time making them understand that we were friends of the couple and doing this per their request. No charge!!

After our duties were done we commenced enjoying ourselves. Much food and wine was consumed and I actually found some wine that I like to drink. Shocker! There was lots of organized dancing and I think that was the best aerobic workout that I've had in a long time.

All in all, the day was wonderful. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome and they were the very picture of the happy couple.

MOB (Cindy) Putting on the veil.
Whitney wore her mother's wedding gown and veil.

Looking in the mirror.Trying not to cryThese are our "corsages " So cute!!Nobody's getting past us!
Shannon is laughing at me for being stupid.
Giving the bride awayThey're Married!!Cildress Vineyards The reception site was beautiful!The "cake" They did cupcakes like Andy and I.
The topper is the small cake they cut.
Table centerpiecesReady for guests to arrive at the reception.The happy couple! Posing with the brideCutting the cakeCake in the face!Seated at our tableShannon and I were dance partners.
Andy isn't big on dancing.Cutting a rug!In the conga line!Last dance of the night!
"New York, New York" was the song.
Kind of a strange choice,
but it was fun to sing along.
In the car ready to go home.
I was a hot mess, literally.
Shannon passed out on the way home.
She doesn't look very comfy does she?Oh yeah, my car hit the 200,000
milestone on the way home.

Congratulations to Jeff & Jenn and Daniel & Whitney. It's such and exciting time for you guys! I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us.