Monday, June 2, 2008

Cranky McCrankster

I've noticed that the older I get I seem to get more cranky. Not that I'm anyone's definition of old. And I guess I'm not any more cranky than usual, I'm just not opposed to expressing it.

I'm a pretty strait forward person and I don't mince my words. But I try to curb it with strangers. Until lately. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I pretty much will say anything to anyone that ticks me off.

For instance, we (Mamaw, Alex and I) were walking in the mall on Saturday and we were coming up on this kid talking on his cell phone (too young to have a cell phone BTW) and walking in a circle. Directly in our path. There was no where else for us to go, we were going to have to walk in his "circle." He looks right at us and continues his pointless circling. He didn't think to stop for two seconds to let us pass. Stupid punk! Normally I would just get angry but not say anything. But as we passed I said "Get out of the way!" in a more than audible tone. Of course he was to enraptured in his conversation to hear me, but I sure hope his mother heard, who by the by wasn't paying any attention to him. He could have walked out of the mall and been down the street before she missed him.

But I digress, I didn't start this to complain about bad parenting. This hasn't been the only incident. I've grown increasingly crabby with stupid, incompetent sales people. Their job is not hard. As a matter of fact I have done it. I used to try hard to be nice and understanding because I did work in retail for so long. But I know what good customer service is, as I have given it so frequently, and it really pisses me off when I don't get it. And I've started to express that rage, saying things that, a year ago, I would have died before expressing out loud.

Sometimes I feel bad about my outbursts, but mostly it makes me feel better. I think that's a little twisted and I probably need to get a hold of myself before I get out of control.