Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend recap!

It was a very relaxing weekend at the Steele house. My wedding band was finally out of repair so Friday I drove down to Winston after work to pick it up. My trip wasn't very eventful. I got my ring and went to Petsmart to pick up some things for Brunswick. I got him a leash and harness set, but when I got it home it was way too small. Turns out he is much bigger in person than he is in my head. Oh well.

I was determine to find a harness for Brunswick because the spring weather looks like it's here to stay and I wanted to get him outside. Andy and I had breakfast at the Sunrise Grill in Boone. It was my first time there. The food was ok, but the cleanliness of the restaurant did not impress me. There was something unidentifiable on my plate and particles of something else floating around in the bottom of my apple juice. So after our mediocre brunch we headed off in search of a harness for the bun. We went to Blowing Rock to the pet boutique on Main Street, The Barking Rock. Cute name. Anyway, I had seen some dog harnesses here a long time ago that I thought might work. We got a blue one in extra small for our little fur ball. As you can imagine, being in Blowing Rock, the price tag was a little hefty, but I was getting desperate. From there we went to get some food for Brunsie and a leash to go with his new harness and then for me to pick out some movies. Andy was camping that night so I was having a girls night.

Once we got home we put the harness on Brunswick and it fit. Horray! As you can imagine he was less than stoked to have it on. And then when we attached the leash that was a whole other catastrophe. He was running around like a crazy person trying to get loose. But we finally got a hold of him and got him outside... and then there was peace! He loved being outside. It was his first time ever and he had a great time! He is a curious little thing and so he had to sniff everything in sight. He didn't wander too far away from home. Like I said, it was his first time outside ever and there was a lot to explore within the 10 feet from the door. We ended the adventure for the day and went to help Andy get ready for his backpacking trip.

Brunsie and I sent Andy off with lots of bunny kisses and human kisses and then we had a visit from Jessie and Dori, and Thomas showed up a little later. Dori decided that she liked Brunswick and she wanted to play, but Brunswick didn't quite understand what she was doing. He was curious though and didn't seem to dislike her being there. He never thumped at her which is a good sign. Dori did however enjoy sharing the Brunsie treats.

Later that night we settled in for a movie marathon. I watched "The Golden Compass" and "P.S. I Love You". I wish I had known before hand that "The Golden Compass" was open ended. I probably would have waited until the sequel came out. Oh well, something to look forward to right? "P.S. I Love You" was not quite the blubber fest I had been warned about. It was sad, but it was kind of a feel good movie too. I really enjoyed it and I'm thinking of adding it to my collection.

I decided to have a "slumber party" with Brunswick. I don't sleep well when Andy isn't home so I blew up the air mattress in the living room and just left Brunsie out of his cage. He did really well and didn't get into any mischief until about 5 am when he decided to come visit me on the air mattress. I put him in his cage and he was making so much noise I had to move to the bedroom.

Andy came home around 8 am and I got up. Sunday was really relaxing. I decided to take a nap around 10:30 and I slept until 1. Wow, I guess I needed it. I still hadn't watched "Sweeny Todd" that I also rented on Saturday. Since Andy had no desire whatsoever to watch it he left to go visit some friends and I settled in for another movie. Ehh, It wasn't really my cup of tea. Once Andy got home he decided we needed to watch the Law & Order marathon. So from about 4 until bedtime we watched nothing but L&O. Needless to say, I could do without that show for a while. I did escape for a bit to go get some Hungry Howie's pizza. Yummy! We haven't had a nice greasy pizza in a long time. It was so good. I drug Andy to bed about midnight, even though the marathon wasn't over. He was asleep on the couch so I made a judgment call.

It seems like we had a lot going on this weekend, but really it was one of the most restful we've had in a long time.