Sunday, May 25, 2008

Smoking clothes = a new dryer

Finally, they broke down and they're going to spend some $$ on this place. When we first moved in I told the landlords that it took 2-3 hour long cycles to dry one load of clothes. Nothing was ever done about it.

Last night I put a load in to dry. About 10 minutes later I heard a bunch of change rolling around in there (out of Andy's pants no doubt) and it was driving me crazy. So I went to get it out and when I opened the dryer door the clothes were smoking! Yes, literally smoking. So Andy went to tell them this morning about the problem. At first they said that they would have someone come look at it (one of the landlord's husbands) and if he couldn't fix it they would call a repair man.

Really? A repair man? This thing is at least 20 years old and you're going to pay a repair man to tell you that you need to buy a new dryer? I understand frugality and not spending money if you don't have to, but who really thinks you need to fix a 20 year old dryer? So they told the husband and thankfully he has some sense. Because he didn't even need to come look at it before he came to the conclusion that the heating element was probably bad and they would be better off just buy a new one. Why? Because in his words, "It's just too old." Huh, who'd have ever thought of that?

So we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new dryer!