Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is the week over yet?

So my sinus infection is in full swing. I also have a sore throat now thanks to the never ending stream of grossness running down my throat. Yummy!

It's another crappy day outside. I put on short sleeves this morning. I was hopeful that the temperature would defy the sky today and be around 60. It didn't. I set one foot out the door and immediately turned around and put on a turtleneck. It was 48. I left of my flip flops though. It's May 21st and my feet are tired of being confined in shoes. So I'm bluffing the weather and my feet are free today. My poppy colored toenails are out for everyone to see and they are happy! At least part of my body is happy.

Also, my hairdryer broke this morning. It's my fault though. I jinxed myself about two mornings ago. I was drying my hair and thinking how good this particular dryer had been. It had lasted a long time (I bought it summer of '04) and I was surprised that it hadn't broken yet. Low and behold two mornings later it shut down mid dry. So now my hair is in a lovely, fuzzy pony tail. I can often beat my hair into submission but the beating can not commence unless my hair is fully dry. I did attempt to use my curling brush to dry the rest of it. I took off the brush part and turned it on, but at that rate it would have taken an hour for my hair to dry. So I gave up.

I called Whitney last night to tell her that I can't go to her bachelorette weekend. I can't afford the gas. I just love the new improved gas prices. I think they're super. I'm thinking all kinds of bad things about the gasoline industry right now. I won't put it in type though, so as to avoid another hairdryer type incident.