Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Berry Pickin'

A couple of weekends ago Andy and I took a trip up to Beech Mountain to pick blackberries and have a picnic. Andy has been in the mood to make jam lately so we took a large tupperware container to store our blackberries. It was a fun trip, but I could have done without the rough terrain. The place we went is a 4x4 trail that he and his friends like to go to and test the limits of their vehicles. It's not really my idea of a good time, but once we were out of the car it was nice.

These berries are jam now
Andy, picking berriesWe'll come back for these later
Picking berries from the car
I like ferns
Where we had our picnicSelf portraitThe rough terrain
You can't see it very well,
but those rocks were huge
The road home