Sunday, March 30, 2008

I watched Elizabeth

I just finished watching Elizabeth. I thought it was pretty good. I really enjoy historical movies like that. Afterwards I look up all the historical people to find out what really happened. I have heard people say that The Golden Age is not as good as the first Elizabeth with Kate Blanchete, but I'm not sure how you can compare the two. The first was made a long time ago and it's just a continuation of a story. It isn't like a completely made up story with sequels that are trying to extend the success of the original (ie. Shrek or Pirates of the Caribbean). And I don't remember the first Elizabeth being hugely successful in the first place so really there isn't a comparison. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I would watch it again. It really makes me want to get my dang digital cable back so I can watch the new season of The Tudors. That show is pretty great. Andy is watching UFC and when it's over I'm sending him to the grocery to get us pizza. It is my birthday week after all, I can't be lowered to run errands. ; ) So I'll post again later this week. I'm taking Thursday off for my birthday and going to Winston for a girls day with Julie. Yay!!