Thursday, March 27, 2008

Best bunny eva!!!

So Brunswik is a highly intelligent bunny. Take for instance; this morning Andy and I were getting ready to leave for work so we started to look for Brunswik to put him back in his cage (he likes to play hide and seek). I found him first next to the hearth and I asked him if he would like to get in his cage. Andy thinks I'm crazy for talking to him like a human, but I swear he understands. So he looked at me and proceeded to hop behind the couch, away from me, but towards his cage. Andy asked why I let him get away and I didn't just pick him up. I said that he doesn't like to be picked up and I wanted to train him to get in his cage on his own. So I walked over towards his cage and stood in front of it. Brunsie was slowly making his way over there so I thought if nothing else maybe I could get him to hop to his cage and I'd put him in. He hopped over and stood in front of the entrance and just looked at me. So I bent down and pet him a little and told him that Andy and I had to go to work, but we would be back later to see him And low and behold he hopped right in. My bunny is a genius and he takes direction very well!! I've been gloating all day! Andy couldn't believe it and he hated admitting that I was right. Way to go Brunsie!!