Thursday, July 2, 2009

Total domination

There is always something to do here on my mountain. While Andy and I are essentially homebodies, sometimes sitting on the sofa and watching television can get old so we get out and take advantage of some of the activities our community offers.

The next few weeks our Alma mater is having a cycling race series to raise funds for the cycling team. Andy decided to participate and tonight was the first race. Lately he's really been getting back into cycling after a few years out of the sport. The race series is a short track mountain bike race which Andy doesn't really do much of. Whenever he can borrow someone's mountain bike he likes to go out and play, but his bike is built for the road so that's predominantly what he does.

He went into the race kind of timid and thinking he wouldn't do that well, but it was for a good cause and he was just in it to have a good time. This was his first time participating in a mountain bike race so he signed up for the C class race, leaving A and B class for the more experienced mountain bikers.

He started out just trying to pace himself to keep up with everyone and then had some bad luck on his first lap. He fell and then lost the chain on his bike causing him to stop and end up in last place early on. I went with a friend into the woods to watch the race and with each lap we cheered and he gradually caught back up with the leaders. I knew he was giving it all he was worth and when I heard them call last lap I headed back around to meet him. I was nowhere near the finish line and I'm pretty slow on flat ground, so tromping around in the woods with this bum ankle of mine makes me extra snail like. I knew I'd never make it back in time, so I just took my time and met up with Andy after his race was over.

When he saw me he handed me this little envelope and asked me to put it in my purse. Inside it was a gift card to a local restaurant. It was the prize for the winner.

You read that right.

It took me a second to realize what I was holding. He came back from dead last and won his class! He was super excited and has been on cloud nine all night. We went out afterward and spent the winner's spoils.

Next week he's going to move up a class because it seems that he underestimated his mountain biking skill level. It's much less likely he'll win in a higher class, but at least he'll be more evenly matched.

Lining up for the second race
Before the race, sure he was going to lose
Playing catch up
The victor!
He was dirty, and a little bruised from his fall,
but he was so excited!