Friday, June 5, 2009

Photogenic Friday: Cast art

**I think Photogenic Friday is going to be a new tradition around here. Input?**

When I got my cast in the hospital I didn't get a choice of what color it should be. You know how you see all these people out with brightly colored cast and you think how cool it is and if you ever have need for a cast you'd want a purple one? Well, maybe you wouldn't want purple, but I would.

Instead I got white because I was in the ICU and my doctor didn't think I'd care about trivial things like what color my cast was. Also, I'm twenty seven, not seven. So I guess he thought white would be better.

As I laid there in my hospital bed looking at my shiny white cast I couldn't help but think how boring it looked and I needed to fancy it up. I thought the same thing about my crutches.

So when I got home I kept my stash of permanent markers next to me and whenever I got a new visitor I had them add to my cast decoration. No one was allowed to just sign their name; they had to draw a picture. Anything was allowed as long as it wasn't obscene.

By the time I had my cast taken off it was completely decorated.

Every side had something on it.

Even the bottom.

I got the most compliments on this one. My friend Robert was the first person to draw on my cast. He was just going to draw a bike, but then he got carried away with all that blank space to fill. Robert is a professional level cyclists. He likes bikes. A lot.

But my favorite by far was this memorial to my Jeep drawn by Andy. People constantly mistook it for a fire truck. I think because it was a big red vehicle, but we didn't have a burgundy colored permanent marker, so he had to use red.

I knew what it was though, and I loved it. That's what matters. He wouldn't let me see what he was drawing until he was done and when I did see it I cried. I've cried a lot over my car.

I hope you all have a great weekend.



I went to the doctor to have the stints taken out of my nose today. It was so nice to get them out. I can breathe so much better now. It wasn't as painful as it was to take them out in the hospital, but it wasn't a pleasant experience either. Just to give you an idea, they are two inch long rubber tubes that run the length of your nasal canal. It's crazy to think that they actually fit all the way in there.

I still have a lot of drainage and a headache from that. It feels like a really bad sinus infection at this point. I'm hoping that will stop soon.

Next week I'm visiting the orthopedists to maybe get rid of my boot (fingers crossed) and I have more adventures with the orthodontist.