Thursday, June 4, 2009


When the accident happened I was on my way home from the post office. My birthday was almost two weeks before and my brother and his family had sent me a gift card to as a gift.

My package arrived the previous Saturday and I had rushed to the post office only to discover that it had closed 30 minutes before my arrival. I was crushed. Especially once I realized that it was a holiday weekend and they would likely be closed through Monday.

So I returned that fateful Tuesday afternoon to retrieve my much anticipated present. I had bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard, JK Rowling's newest installment, and a new CD by Mindy Gledhill. I was particularly excited about my CD. I had searched for it high and low in stores and finally gave up and ordered it with my gift card. I know CD's are quickly going out of style these days, but there is something I love about opening a new disc with all the packaging and listening to it in my player. Buying an album on itunes just doesn't give me the same thrill.

The title of the album is Feather in the Wind. That particular track is thrid on the album and it's the whole reason I bought the CD. It spoke volumes to me before. I think Mindy has such a beautiful voice and when you mix that with her lyrics and muscial style I'm transported, for a short time, to a whole other place. Far away from all my problems.

Music is such a magical thing, but it isn't often that I find and artist whose music touches my soul like this does.

The very moment my car was struck I was singing along with Feather in the Wind.

Isn't it wonderful?

Now, more than ever, the words to this song have a powerful meaning for me. I think for some it would become forever associated with "the accident", but for me it's the one that lifted me up during all the turmoil.